eBook Reader, Marvin for iOS Gets a Significant Update

The renowned eBook reader on iOS, Marvin, has just received a major update. The latest version brings several enhancements, which makes it a more efficient app.


The update brings several noteworthy features to Marvin for iPad, and also Marvin for iPhone and iPod touch versions. Both the versions have received the following features in common:

  • Overhauled for iOS 7.
  • Up to 8x faster startup times.
  • The app remembers different margin settings in both landscape and portrait.
  • Added auto-fetch OPDS items.
  • Ability to save the pictures to your camera roll.
  • The library sort by series organizes books without displaying any series information at the bottom.
  • Now the library screen opens up to 15x faster.
  • Other user interface improvements.
  • Rectified an issue that caused the app to restart when backgrounded and not connected to the Dropbox.
  • Rectified a problem that used to display empty table of contents in some books.

Marvin app

In addition to the above mentioned features, the iPad version also features clearly separated columns (do not touch each other as before) in 2-column mode when the minimum margin value is assigned. Moreover, the app also recognizes the last tab you selected in the reading ‘Aa’ menu.

The iPad version also brings a couple of bug fixes: Rectified an issue that hindered the Dropbox custom search directory to be stored properly, and fixed a problem that caused home screen display issue on the devices running iOS 6.

Marvin for ios

While the iPhone and iPod touch version has received a new gesture functionality in the ‘Aa’ reading menu (just shake sideways to move ahead), and a modernized note editor for better accessibility.

The latest version of Marvin for iPad and Marvin for iPhone & iPod touch are available in the Apple App Store to download. The iPad version is available for free, while the iPhone version is available for $4.99 (but users can grab the update for free if they have already installed the app).

Marvin for iPad (free)

Marvin for iPhone and iPod touch ($4.99)

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