EDI launches two new mobile Apps

The Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) has now launched new mobile App that allows the registered individuals to access the required information while on the move, process applications and practice various theory tests.

EDI has launched two Apps named EDI App and Student Enquiry. The EDI App is an application that is available for everyone and it has been developed by keeping large number of consumers in mind. By using this App, consumers can acquire general information related to EDI, latest promotional offers and loyalty cards.

The second App, Student Enqiury will allow the registered students to see the vital information such as lecture attendance, schedules of test, payment details and test details etc. Every registered user must login to the mobile App to access their test information.

Users can even practice the theory test by logging in to the EDI App. A Senior official of the Emirates Driving Institute has stated that there has been huge rise in the number of customers visiting the site via smart-phone. EDI has understood the importance of mobile Apps for easy access of information ad launched these tow mobile Apps for all its consumers.

Users can now download this free Apps on their iPhone or iPad devices by searching EDI on the Apple App’s store.

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