Emojiary mobile diary app launched on iOS app store

In this world where Emojis are common and where Emojis are used even more than our words, seeing Emoji apps launch every now and then is common. The latest Emoji based app to be launched on the iOS app store is called Emojiary.


This latest app is the new way to express your thoughts and your feelings.  This is a diary app using which you use Emojis rather than words to jot down your feelings in your daily diary. Emojiary app even chats with you after you have entered all the Emojis in it. It asks you follow up questions and helps you express yourself even nicely.

If you continue to use the app regularly, you will even receive awards which include some special Emojis.  You can possibly receive Emojis like the Unicorn which has a great symbol to express far-out mysterious feelings. This app seems to be targeted towards kids and teenagers at first but it can be fun to use for others as well.  It’s hard to tell whether this app has been launched just as a fun app or does it really promise supporting emotional wellbeing for the long term as well.

Emojiary Download app for iOS

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