Evernote for iOS Receives an Update with Skitch Integration and Shortcuts

The online note-taking service, Evernote has launched an update to its native iOS app, bringing it to the version 5.4. The latest version brings a slew of new features to the mix, including Skitch support.


Now the app features shortcuts, formerly called as favorites. With this feature, you can access all your important content easily. Shortcuts can be tags, notes, saved stuff or notebooks, and all these are synced across all the Evernote apps for your convenience.

Just click on the star icon available at the bottom of the note to add any notes. If you want to create a shortcut to your notebook, open that notebook, and then click Shortcuts tab and select very first option. Do the same thing if you want to add Shortcut to a tag.

You are also allowed to add a shortcut more easily by just swiping the note. When you swipe a note, it presents a shortcut star, and a simple way to make a reminder or to remove the note.

Evernote app

The app also brings few new features to help users in finding the older content they have saved before.

There is a ‘recent notes’ option available at the bottom of an open note, and it shows off the recently added notes. Moreover, the premium users will also have a ‘related notes’ feature, which shows the previous notes related to the note that is being currently viewed or worked on.

Evernote for ios

Now the app also supports Skitch integration, which lets users to highlight their content, whether it is PDF, note or a picture . But, users need to have a Skitch app to access this feature. Once you install the Skitch app, it will always be available to tap and edit your notes. Premium users can also edit their PDF files using Skitch.

You will also encounter a new feature called announcements. This lets users to discover the new app updates as Evernote will push its own content for users. Announcements will have stuff like updates, popular tutorials, and tips. Users can access this feature through Bugle icon. This icon intimates you whenever there is a new content is posted.

Evernote app for ios

Besides all these these changes, the update also brings speed and stability improvements.

iOS users can download the latest version of Evernote from Apple App Store for free. It is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 5.0 or above.

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