Facebook for iOS Receives Support for Auto-Playing Videos

Facebook has just rolled out an update to its iOS app, bringing it to version 6.8. The revamp is a minor one, but it does adds a significant feature to the app: Now the videos are played automatically in your News Feed.


The company has been testing this auto-playing feature since 3 months on mobile. Well, this feature has at last officially launched on the iOS version.

When you scroll to a video clip on your News Feed or other feed-type page, the video clip automatically begins to play. But by default, videos are played without sound, just tap on the video to play it with sound and in full screen mode. If you are not interested to watch the video, just scroll past it.

You can set the videos to play automatically only over WiFi network through app’s settings section. Alongside this major feature, the update also brings few bug fixes.

iOS users can download the latest version of Facebook app from the link given below. The app is compatible with all the iDevices that run on iOS 6.0 or above.

Facebook download link for iOS (free)

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