Facebook Messenger app updated with new features

Facebook has updated its messenger app with several new and exciting features. Facebook Messenger has borrowed a new feature from Snapchat, which is a rival messaging app. The latest update has been updated for iOS and Android platforms.

 Facebook Messenger app

Facebook Messenger update’s highlight feature is the video sharing option.  Through this feature, users can easily shoot and play a 15 second video message directly from the Smartphone or the Smartphone’s camera by tapping and then holding the record button.  This results in a video chat between two users. In this update, the front camera is used by default but users can also use the rear end camera for this feature. Another feature which has been added to the Facebook Messenger app is the ‘like’ button feature. Using this one, users can press and hold the ‘Like’ button. This will allow them to send even bigger thumbs up for things those users ‘more than like’.

This new update for Facebook Messenger can be availed either by downloading the app from the app stores, if you still don’t have it or update the Facebook Messenger app on your Android or iOS Smartphones.  For iOS users, this app is only valid for iOS version 6.0 or above.

Facebook Messenger App for android (free)

Facebook Messenger app for iOS (free)

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