Facebook Messenger for iOS Now a Super Platform for Developers

Facebook for iOS has been through a series of updates to enhance user experience. Today, Facebook Messenger for iOS is not just a suitable pick iOS Smart Phone users use to send photos, GIF and video content. Facebook Messenger is now one of the best platforms for iOS app developers. Various developers can now build the Facebook Messenger Support in their iOS apps. This makes the iOS apps a developer has worked on accessible through the Facebook Messenger app.



Every app created by developers will now be accessible through the Facebook Messenger app. The “more” icon within the Messenger grants you the exclusive access to the apps done by various developers, so you can access them by clicking the “more” icon. There is an “install” button you  can tap to install the app, which then takes you to the install page of the selected app on the iOS App Store.

The best thing is that there are high quality iOS apps available on Facebook Messenger. Example of apps already released and are available on Facebook Messenger include sticker apps, collage apps, emoji apps and Graphical Interchange Format apps like Giphy. Note that there is more as these are just examples of apps available on the latest version of the  Facebook Messenger for iOS.

Facebook Messenger Download for iOS

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