Facebook to add TV and music identification feature to its apps

Facebook is always coming up with new features for its website as well as its apps. This time it has announced that it shall soon be bringing a Shazam-like music identification and TV identification feature to its mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms.

Facebook TV identification feature

This new feature which Facebook has hinted at will be able to identify and detect the music, movies or TV shows that the users are watching.  What this feature will do is that it will activate the microphone of the Smartphone and users will be then able to see a moving audio icon when they are writing a status update.  Then users can choose to share the information of the TV, Music or movie they are watching with their friends.

The good thing about this app will be that when a TV show is being aired, Facebook will also give the season number so that users can share this specific detail as well with their friends on the social networking site.  Facebook has joined hands with popular music services like Spotify and Rdio to let users get a preview of a 30 second song shared by friends. This app will be launched in the coming weeks.

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