Fantastical 2 Calendar App from Flexibits Lands On iPad

Flexibit unleashes the most-loved calendar app Fantastical 2 on iPad. This news is sure to gratify its users around the world.

Fantastical 2

The iPad version quite differs from the iPhone app. It consists of a bunch of features designed exclusively for iPad as well as few changes that are welcome instead of unpleasant effect.

Indeed, users will now encounter the new dashboard is a new interface for the iPad version that shows calendar, day ticker, and list in a one single display. It leverages the iPad’s larger screen display, allowing users to switch among the parameters like day ticker, full-screen & half-screen week view.

Swipe down over the day ticker in order to display week calendar, and swipe down or click the arrow to access full screen mode. Moreover, you can get back to the day ticker by just swiping up on the week calendar button.

Fantastical 2 app

On the top right of the screen, you can view a ‘tick’ button, which you can use to switch to a new pane where you can set up reminders. The app also offers support for natural language input. Similarly, there’s a ‘+’ icon on the top right that allows you add a new calendar entry. While through Settings menu, you can configure alerts reminders, calendars, and so on.

Overall, iPad version is slick, simple, and clear. Users can download Fantastical 2 for iPad right from the link provided below. The app requires iOS version 7.0 or above.

Fantastical 2 download link for iPad ($9.99)

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