Fingerprint Digital to Release 7 Latest Mobile Edutainment apps for Children

Kids, its time to have some fun! Fingerprint digital announced that it has achieved 7 latest mobile edutainment (education + entertainment) apps for kids on its publishing floor.

The latest apps that are free to play indicate that the organization’s children-oriented floor is accumulating momentum in the market for the parent-accepted mobile phone apps for children. As a whole, in a very short time there will be 22 apps shooting on the iOS devices like iPod, iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone. They mainly designed these edutainment apps to the kids of age between 3 to 8. Till now, the fans of Fingerprint have logged in for more than forty million minutes for playing games.

Fingerprint Digital latest game apps

The Fingerprint digital belonging to the San Francisco has made a stage dubbed Fingerprint Play, which was released in the last month of December. It gives access to lot of apps and even consists of a feature known as Mom Comm which allows the children to share their accomplishments with their parents. To support the children, parents can record a voice message, write notes or send emoticons. The app can even transmit a report of the kid’s proficiency through Facebook sharing or email. Fingerprint play acts as a TV channel for children.

The latest apps consists of 4 latest interactive texts in VeggieTales stock, which teach the children of ages between 3 to 5 about how to get prepared for reading. The latest collection consists of Larry’s Missing Music, The Goofy Gift, and Thanks for the Franks.

Scribble My Story will be released shortly (on December 13) which is an iPad app that allows the readers to illustrate, convert and write stories by their own. Another kind of app is GreenStreets which helps the children to learn about the money value. Another latest app called PandaPanda is a game of sorting and interactive book which helps the kids to learn about colors and shapes.

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