Fiserv Launches Mobile App for Uchoose rewards product

Fiserv, a leading company providing financial services technology solution across the globe has a launched an mobile application for Uchoose Rewards. The enhancements made to the Uchoose Rewards App will provide the participants to have a extended mobile search and point redemption capabilities that help in tracking opportunities to earn points via the mobile platform.

The App will provide you a customized map that display the locations of participants and enables the Uchoose rewards participants to view the latest and other available offers provided by merchants that redeems few bonus points for the participant. Users shopping at stores can scan the UPC code to identify whether the item that you are purchasing is listed under the Uchoose rewards program.


The rewards program, will help the financial institutions to increase the loyalty of customer and other card holders who will regain the program points. The company has stated that the registered Uchoose Rewards card holders make effective use of the App when compared with other non registered users.

The Uchoose Rewards program is an creative program developed by Fiserv to help-out the both consumer and small market segments. Uchoose rewards can download mobile application from the Google play store and use it on the various android-powered devices, iPhones and iPads.

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