Flick Golf! App Review

If you like to play Golf on your device, this is the best app to play the game. Flick Golf is a different and challenging golf game developed by Full Fat. With this app, you can play your favorite golf game anytime, anywhere!

This game doesn’t focus on playing a complete round of golf, but instead, this game involves flicking the golf ball as close to the hole as you can with a single click. This is a flick based gameplay.

Flick Golf App

 Not only just flicking, you will also have some additional controls over the ball. When your ball is in the air, you can swipe across the screen to regulate the direction of the golf ball takes. Once you understand this technique of how to control your ball direction, you can easily make high scores. There are also tilt controls as option.

Flick Golf Rating

This game consists of 2 game modes: Quickshot mode and World Tour mode. In the Quickshot mode, you will have 90 seconds time limit and within that short period of time you have to score as many points as you can. Whereas in the World Tour mode, you will gain points based on your performance over 9 shots.

Flick Golf Review

You will also have some obstacles like trees, wind and so on to divert you. You should carefully plan your path to reach the hole. Earning high scores is not that easy in this game. You need a lot of practice to master this game. The 3D graphics are excellent which takes you to the real golf club world. Overall, this is a fun game.

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