Flip Runner! Game Review

Here is another new endless runner game for you! Deadly Serious Media in collaboration with the Oscar Developer has released Flip Runner, a fast-paced runner game on the iOS and Android platforms few days back. This game consists of a part side-scroller and a part endless runner platformers.

Flip Runner!

Unlike most similar games, Flip, the game’s protagonist can run on the top and the bottom of the ground to avoid the dangers ahead. It’s a simple twist that adds fun to the game while you play.

The main goal here is to run along either the top or underneath of the platform, avoiding different obstacles, collecting power ups and run as long as possible.

Flip Runner! game app

The controls are so simple. You just have to tap once to switch from the underneath of the platform, or vice-versa. As you run, you can view lightning bolts and shields. These 2 power ups gives a great gaming experience while you play. To grab a shield, you should be alive for a single hit of a hazard. Whereas by gathering 3 lightning bolts, you will get encased in a massive electric current that can make you powerful and speed you up for the increased distance. It is so impressive and exciting while you play.

Flip Runner! app

Like most games, this game also consists of an in-game shop. The in-game currency can be obtained in either of the ways; through running or in-app purchase. You can earn about a dollar for every 150m run, however if that is not fast enough for you, you can even purchase currency packs and a money doubler from the shop. Additionally, the game shop also consists of some more items like boosts and hats. You will have 25 kinds of Flip hats which you can purchase with your earned money.

Flip Runner! game

The visuals are good and the soundtrack is funny at the same time catchy. This game is available for iOS (costs $0.99) and Android users (costs $1.01).

Download link for iOS

Download link for Android

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