Flow Free App Review

If you like to play puzzle games which deals with discovering the patterns and matching similar colors, you can try out this Free Flow game application. This is an interesting puzzle game developed by Big Duck Games LLC.

Flow Free

When you start your game, you find multiple colored dots on your game screen. Your goal here is to connect the dots of similar color and create a pipe. To create a pipe, you need to just drag your finger from a colored dot to another colored dot of the same color. If you successfully connect a pair, it counts as a single flow. In the same way you need to join all the dots to complete a level.

Flow Free App

The game is little difficult and tricky because, when the pipes overlap or cross another color, the pipes break. So be careful and try to connect all the pipes without any overlap. And the important thing is to use all the boxes in the game. This game tests your patience and your ability to plan.

The progress in your level is displayed on top of your screen along with the number of moves you made, best number of moves and percentage you have done in the level. If you complete your level with the exact number of moves that are displayed on the screen, you get a star. Whereas, if you complete the level with more moves, you get a check mark.

Flow Free Review

The game consists of a catchy popping background music which makes it more fun and the gameplay is simple. Overall, this is an interesting game and keeps you entertained for hours.

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