Fluxx – a decent rule bending card game for ios Users

Fluxx an award winning gaming series that was created by ex-Nasa engineers and it holds record for selling more than 1 million copies with in few months after its release. It is now gone digital and available on all smart phones that run on ios like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch .


For folks unfamiliar with game , its a game played by 2 – 4 players that focuses on changing the rules. The cards used in this game are categorized in to four types such as rule cards, keepers, goals and actions. Initially every player starts out with few cards following the basic rules of game and draws a card from the pile of cards.

From the virtual deck you can make use of the rule cards to change the parameters associated with the Fluxx game. Goal cards mean while used as the objectives to win the game and these goal cards are used along with keeper cards, these cards come with random items placed on them and play using these cards until you meet the objectives of goal cards.

Fluxx Rules

Finally the action cards are used to change the lay out and ownership of various cards. Action cards will let you to draw more goal cards, keeper cards and discard rules. Play the game to have fun and it is easy to follow the rules related to game.

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