Fox News launches its First iPhone App

FOX news channel, a popular name in news has launched its first ever iphone App. With this new App, users can get alerts from FOX news, read headlines of current happenings across the world, stream latest videos, listen fox News radio and navigate through the App to view different photo galleries.

Fox News iPhone App

Fox News provides this App for free and on downloading the App in your iphone, switch to landscape mode to view the brand new content , top stories that change every few seconds.

Fox news App

Highlights of the App:

Live video and Alerts:

You can easily stream all the breaking news and sign up with the App to get free breaking news alerts and every user will be intimated about new live events.


Switch on the FOX news radio channel while browsing through News App. Simply click ‘more’ button and follow the instructions to switch on the news talk radio.


Watch all the latest videos related to news shows delivered by News channel anchors. Know the timing of your favourite shows and find the guests for news shows in advance.

Share& Save:

Videos and photos that you view on the FOX news channel App can be shared out on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and the information can be even added to your favourites for viewing them later.

Click the link to download this free App:

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