Freesat Releases An iOS App for Remote Recording Programmes

The acclaimed subscription free satellite TV service, Freesat has unleashed their own mobile companion app of the same name on iOS platform. The app brilliantly turns your iDevice into a remote control for Freesat box connected to your home network.


The app will integrate with the Freesat’s popular Freetime service, enabling you to set the programmes you wish to record to your TV box on the move. Make sure your favorite programme is recorded before you even step into your home.

Once you reach your home, you can control your TV that is connected to the Freesat box directly from your iDevice. You can change channels, adjust the volume, fast forward, rewind, pause, and perform many of the standard features that you would from your remote.

Regardless whether the app is connected to Freetime box or not, it allows you:

  • View 7 days of TV listings for more than 190 free television and radio channels.
  • Discover interesting stuff to watch tonight and On Demand with SHOWCASE RECOMMENDATIONS.
  • Search content by programme across TV listings or On Demand to get the programme you desire to watch smoothly.
  • Ability to see what’s On Demand currently and for the last few days.

Freesat app

iOS users can download the Freesat app from the link given below. The app works with devices powered by iOS 6.0 or above firmware.

Freesat download link for iOS (free)

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