Frontback for iOS Brings a Self-Timer Tool and Enhanced Notifications

Frontback, the unique camera app that allows users to capture a picture with both front and rear-facing camera on their iPhone, has been revamped with few notable new features that should delight dedicated Frontback users.


Firstly, the latest version of the app brings an improved notification view. In the former versions, users were only able to receive a ping when they had a new follower. But now the feature has been improved so that you will get notifications when someone like your picture, reply to your post, and many.

Moreover, the revamp also brings a new mode, which will allow users to capture photos using their iDevice front-facing camera. You can turn on the self-timer option that will instantly capture a photo within 5 seconds of pressing the shutter button. If you wish to take a couple of photos using the front-facing camera, you can activate the timer for both the shots.

Frontback app

The company says that this self-timer feature has been requested by most users, as users were having difficulties in attempting to capture selfie-type photos when there were several individuals in the image.

Few days ago, Frontback for iOS had received an update and moved to version 1.6.6. This update had introduced new iOS 7-inspired design and navigation and a new Discover tab that lets users to seamlessly discover new photographs from anyone around the globe, alongside few other enhancements.

Currently, the update is only available for iOS users. While an Android app has yet to be released.

iOS users can download the latest version of Frontback app right from the link provided below. The app is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 7.0 or above.

Frontback download link for iOS (free)

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