Fruit Shoot App Review

Are you a fan of archery mode games? Then you would definitely like this game. Fruit Shoot is a good archery game developed by Words Game. In this game, you are supposed to hit the fruits using bow and arrow. See how far you can hit and how accurately you hit the fruit!

Fruit Shoot App

In the game, as a player you use a bow and arrow with which you have to hit the fruits that are placed on the soldiers, evil dragons, or bear’s head. When you miss the fruit and hit the character who carries the fruit, he starts bleeding. That signifies you failed the level and should again retry to hit the fruit. The game consists of simple controls, just adjust the arrow angle and drag the dotted lines towards you and release to hit the fruit. That’s all! If you don’t want blood animation, there is an option to turn off the blood animation.

Fruit Shoot Review

You will be absorbed in this game with V.S and challenging modes. You can find so many levels with three different iconic locations that challenge your concentration, speed and aim. At the end of each level, you need to fight against the character that was placing the fruits on his head. You can also upgrade your abilities with the power ups to clear the levels much easily. This game consists of wonderful backgrounds and graphics.

Fruit Shoot

If you love playing this kind of archery games, this is the best game for you. Enjoy this fun-filled, addictive game by just installing it on your device. Go check your archery skills!

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