Funky Squid Games Launches Syncroz – a Puzzle game for iOS and Android Devices

Funky Squid Games launches their first puzzle game, Syncroz – puzzle connect. Syncroz is a challenging and interesting puzzle joining game which allow the game players to join the matching nodes without collapsing any connectors.

Funky Squid Games Puzzle game

In this game, three hundred free puzzles are available and the players should solve these puzzles by connecting the accurate matching nodes with similar shapes and colors to fill the game board with connectors.

Funky Squid Games Puzzle game app

Funky Squid Games co-director, Anthony Buchalka said that players should be careful in this game – connectors will break and make some odd sounds if they overlap or cross. Anthony Buchalka has also said that they are very proud of their first Syncroz game release, and this game will be surely enjoyed by the players of all ages.

This game has two playing modes: Classic mode where players can play while relaxing and Time Attack mode where the players can play the game in a time limit or compete with other players.

Syncroz game is a free-to-play game and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store for iOS devices and will be available shortly in Amazon and Google Play for Android devices.

iTunes download link for Syncroz game app :

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