Top 10+ Free Game Apps for iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s is the most iconic and most popular Smartphone of the current times and is surely the most stylish one as well. This device can be seen in the hand of every other person and has proved to be a market superhit. What makes this phone stand apart from other phones of its league is the amount of functionality that it lends the users.

Not only does it fulfils the basic purposes of a phone but also provides so much more. This device is an entertainment unit in itself, one which allows users to play so many games on it. Yes, iPhone 5s may not be inbuilt with any games but the app store can be used to download a long string of them, and that too for free of cost!

iTunes app store has more than thousands of free gaming apps which users can download or install on their iPhone 5s in a matter of seconds. So whether it is a racing game that you feel like playing or a trivia game, several of each category is presented to you the moment you purchase the device. Some other category of free game apps include quiz games, card games, puzzle games, racing games and others.

So if you wish to enjoy the top free game apps for iPhone 5s, you can refer to our selection and enjoy yourself when there is nothing else to do. These apps have been selected carefully, bringing to you the most popular and high rated ones.

Asphalt 8: Airborne


Download App

Heroes of Order


Download App

Candy Crush Saga


Download App

 Subway Surfers


Download App

 Batman: Arkham Origins


Download App

Into the Dead


Download App

Jetpack Joyride


Download App

Fruit Ninja Free


Download App

 Plants vs. Zombies™ 2


Download App

 Real Racing 3


Download App



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Temple Run 2


Download App

Walking Dead: The Game


Download App

10 Pin Shuffle™ Bowling Lite


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