GeoDash: Wild Animal Adventure gaming App for both iPhone and iPad users

GeoDash, an adventurous game developed by the National Geographic society. Geo, the curious robot is on a mission and it need players to help it in finishing the machine. While exploring the earth’s habitats, Geo will earn few animal abilities that helps to leap as a poison frog, climb tree like baboon, run like cheetah and digs ground like armadillo.

GeoDash App

Every time you acquire a new ability , the Geo will appear different and while exploring, players can collect animal cards along with the pictures, funny jokes and cool facts.

It is suggested to guide the Geo through every level of the habitat such as African Savannah and Amazon rain Forest and encounter the abilities to acquire tokens, animal cards, bonus fruits and help the Geo to move next level.

GeoDash Gaming App

By grabbing a spinning animal token, you will unlock a new skill that are useful in completing the mission such as jumping, charging and digging. When ever Geo finds a new animal, you will gain a new animal card. Every card has certain picture, goofy jokes and weird trivia.

The game Geodash: wild animal adventure has inspired and developed by taking National Geographic Animal encyclopedia as a base. Its a book that is packed with full of animal stats and fun facts etc.

Download the App by clicking the link:

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