Ghostbusters – a new action game for iOS powered device users

Beeline Interactive, Inc has developed a new game for iOS users named Ghostbusters. The New York city is in trouble and you can now build your own Ghostbusters team to destroy the spooks creating problems in the city.

Ghostbuster gaming App

Players have to form their own franchise, attend ghost busting calls, conduct research and upgrade equipment to bust the spooks creating troubles in New York City. Lead your ghostbusters team to explore through each floor of the haunted tower and fight with the boss of each floor to kill ghost residing in that specific floor.

Players on completing each mission are rewarded with bonus points that help them in acquiring better fighting equipments to fight against the dangerous and bigger enemies.

Ghostbuster iOS gaming App

 Game features:

  • Earn money by capturing and killing dreadful ghosts in the city
  • Climb the haunted tower by reaching each and every floor to battle with floor bosses
  • Carry out research to upgrade your fighting tools and defeat bigger ghosts
  • Recruit new Ghostbusters to expand your Ghostbuster team or franchise
  • Explore the entire city by buying permits, finishing missions and expending power cores
  • Send all these collected ghosts to nearest parallel dimension

Ghostbuster is an intertesting game when compared with smurf’s village and snoopy street fair developed by the Beeline Inc.

Download this free action gaming App from iTunes App store or visit the link

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