Gmail for iOS Receives Support for Background App Refresh

Google has just rolled out an update to its Gmail app for iOS. Version 3.0 of the app brings simplified sign-ups and the most-awaited background app refresh. With the latest revamp, Gmail will take the advantage of iOS 7’s background refresh abilities to bring in the mail automatically even if the app is not kept open.


Now the latest app loads emails even in the background, so that users can see new mails the moment they receive a push notification. Earlier, users would have to wait a bit to load new mails after launching the app. Now, to enable this background app refresh feature, visit your device’s Settings menu and then activate push notifications from Gmail.

The company says that the app now brings the background app refresh functionality, in other words, all your emails will be prefetched and also synced so they are right available when you launch the app.

Moreover, the update also brings an easier sign-in process. You no longer have to log in to several times across varied Google apps. From now, those who sign into one single Google app, like YouTube, Chrome, Maps, and so on, don’t have to feed their password again to log in to other Google apps.

This feature would be much convenient for those who have 2-step security verification activated, since they won’t have to halt for a verification code every time they sign in to other app.

iOS users can download the latest version of Gmail app directly from the following link. The app works with devices that run on iOS version 6.0 or above.

Gmail download link for iOS (free)

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