GoodReader Gets Overhauled for iOS 7

The renowned PDF reader app on iOS, GoodReader has just received a major revamp with a handful of new features, including new user interface, a completely rebuilt audio player and new manage files button.


Firstly, the update includes a brand-new interface, of course, inspired by iOS 7. But it’s not exactly flat, rather it features a fresh tool layout, which sports a design that’s in line with the visual style of iOS 7. Moreover, the app has been completely optimized for iOS 7 and brings a faster PDF rendering for specific files.

There’s also a rebuilt audio player, which now works even in the background that lets users to read their files file listening to music. The update also brings a new Manage Files button – flatten copy. You will now have the ability to flatten multiple files with just a tap, you don’t have to manually flatten them one by one. Additionally, when you are emailing a slew of PDFs, you will encounter an option to flatten all of them at once before you send.

Moreover, Import from or Export to photo albums can now done right from the file list, which lets you send multiple files at once. In addition, each and every entry within the file list has a ‘tools’ button, which gets into the file management mode and selects the file for managing.

GoodReader app

Users can also star and tag files with 7 varied colors; it’s now a breeze to search your desired content by individual color tags separately! There’s also an option to copy images to clipboard, for other applications in order to use them later.

The images that are put to clipboard by other applications can now be stored as standalone files within the app. Furthermore, find files list features 3 different sections categorized based on the files’ location: In This Folder, Subfolder, and Elsewhere.

The app is now compatible with iWork 2013 files. However, the older iWork files can be accessed even if they are not saved using ‘Include Preview’ option. Moreover, the update also includes a plethora of other tweaks and stability upgrades.

Finally, the update also brings a new path bar exclusively for the iPad edition. It’s available at the top and lets users to smoothly navigate between large file structures.

Users can download the latest version of GoodReader app for iPhone and iPad from the links provided below.

GoodReader download link for iPhone (grab the update for free or pay $4.99 if downloading the app for the first time)

GoodReader download link for iPad (grab the update for free or pay $4.99 if downloading the app for the first time)

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