Google Drive for iOS Updated with Image Swiping and Support for Comments

Now, navigating the image archive and commenting on the collaborative documents is much smoother and simpler with the Google Drive app for iOS! Google has refurbished its Drive iOS app to the version 1.4.0. The updated version provides new features like comment support and swipe through photos functionality.

Google Drive

Support for comments allows you to see, create, respond and resolve comments using this app. This feature turns more useful for the users who use their smartphones to share their documents and work on them on the go.

Google Drive ios app

Now, this app also lets users to have a glance through all the stored images on their device just by swiping through them. For the users who use Google Drive as their major repository for images, this feature will be very helpful to show their collection of photos to their buddies or to even view for their own pleasure.

Google Drive app

Neither of the above mentioned features are major, however, they are a part of the advancing trend where the company updates its mobile version apps on a regular basis.

This is a free version, which is available in the Apple App Store for download. This app works with the devices running on iOS version 5.0 or above.

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  1. Odell P. Santos

    This setting enables Google Now for iOS users who have the Google Search app on their iPhone or iPad, and for Android 4.1 users.


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