Google Fiber for Android and iOS Received DVR Management Features

Google has released an update to its Fiber app for Android and iOS. The update brings the most-awaited iPhone support, in addition to the significant DVR Management features.

Google Fiber

The major addition in the update is the DVR Management functionality. It allows users to effortlessly manage their DVR. Users can find, watch, manage, and remove the content directly from their smart-device. The app also provides a new channel history ‘shortcut’ option within the navigation menu that allows you quickly get to your favorites.

To view your existing recordings, just fire up the navigation menu and then click on DVR. On the other hand, to setup new recordings, hit the search icon available at the top and then type or say the title.

Google Fiber app

Here’s the complete changelog of the iOS version:

  • iPhone support.
  • DVR management functionality.
  • Other bug fixes.

Here’s the complete changelog of the Android:

  • Added DVR management features.
  • Included a new remote behavior and Now Playing screen.
  • Enhanced user interface.
  • upgraded performance.
  • Other bug fixes.

iOS and Android users can download the latest version of Google Fiber app from the links given below.

Google Fiber download link for iOS (free)

Google Fiber download link for Android (free)

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