Google+ for iOS Received an Update with Automatic Photo Features

Few days back, Google+ for Android app has been updated with few new features. It seems like the similar update has landed on the iOS platform. Recently, Google has launched an update for its iOS app. This new update adds new and interesting photo features to the app.


The new update brings an Auto Enhance mode to the app in order to enhance the photos with just a tap. You can perform instant adjustments to the photos like saturation and brightness. In addition to this feature, the update also brings Auto Highlight, Auto Backup and Auto Awesome features. But the 2 features, Auto Awesome and the Auto Enhance will be activated by default.

Using the Auto Highlight feature, users can view a set of photos, which are chosen automatically as the best of a specific set of uploaded photos. The update has also added support for related hashtags. This feature is same as the way Google includes hashtags on the users’ posts automatically. User’s posts will be automatically tagged and also helps the users when they browse for the content.

Google+ app

With the new update, users can have access to their favorite hangouts app with just a tap. Not only these features, a number of minor enhancements have also been included like the ability to edit additional profile fields and upload a cover photo and identify the content through hashtags.

The app also provides the ability to:

  • Browse highlights from the posts.
  • Copy permalink of a post.
  • Set how often you want What’s Hot posts to be appeared in the stream.
  • Edit comments.
  • Share files like panoramas, animations and so on.
  • Support to use strikethrough text.

Google+ ios app

This free app is available in the Apple App Store. This app works with the devices that run on iOS version 6.0 or above.

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