Google+ for iOS Receives Support for Full-Resolution Media Backup

Google has recently launched a significant revamp to its Google+ app for iOS with few notable tweaks.


First up, the update brings the support to backup high-resolution videos and images (without having to compress) from the iOS device to your Google+ profile. But this feature is only available for iOS 7 devices, for which the app has been modernized.

Moreover, there’s also a new Locations view, where users can share their locations and view where their friends are. You can even choose whom to show by filtering your map based on your Google+ circles. This is just like the ‘Find My Friends’ app available on iOS, however instead works based on the Google Maps.

Google+ app

The update also provides you the ability to translate your comments and posts inline. In addition, the latest version also includes new design for notification tray alongside performance upgrades and bug fixes.

Though this is a minor update, the revamp includes pretty new significant features. Indeed, the new mapping functionality and the backup media functionality offers a much better experience for the dedicated Google+ users.

iOS users can download the updated version of Google+ app from the link given below. The app is compatible with devices running on iOS version 6.0 or above.

Google+ download link for iOS (free)

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