Google Launches Chrome 29 On iOS

Google has launched a latest version of its Chrome browser for iOS with a slew of noteworthy feature tweaks, which pull it on par with Android version.

Chrome 29

Firstly, the update brings a faster back button especially when you perform a search. After you click on an unnecessary search query, tapping the back button will automatically divert you to the previous search results.

Furthermore, users can now find their data savings within the Bandwidth Management Settings. The update also brings new voice search pronoun support. This feature allows you to ask the browser for more specific questions regarding people, using the pronouns like ‘them’ or ‘his’. It’s not that perfect though.

Chrome 29 app

Finally, the update also brings enhancements to Single Sign On with other Google applications, together with usual bug fixes.

iOS users can grab the latest Chrome 29 version from Apple App Store. The app works with devices running on iOS version 5.0 or above.

Chrome 29 download link for iOS (free)

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