Google Maps for iOS and Android Now Presents Relevant Ads in Search Results

Google has announced that it’s unleashing new Google Maps version for iOS and Android users. Both the versions now show ‘related ads’ at the bottom of the screen after you perform a search.

Google Maps

The ads come with a title, brief text, and a link to get appropriate directions. You can tap or swipe up on the ads in order to view more information; this is a new click type named ‘Get location details’, which results in a usual cost per click charge.

When you click on an ad to view location details, you will encounter additional information like business’ images, address, telephone number, etc. Startups that purchase these ads can offer multiple free and paid click actions for their customers.

Free actions include saving information for later, sharing information with others, or starting navigation. While paid actions include the aforementioned ‘get location details’ click, get directions, click to call function and clicks on the ad headline.

The company says that this newly added ad experience is interesting for users and effective for advertisers. This update hasn’t go live yet.

Google Maps download link for iOS

Google Maps download link for Android 

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