Google Photo Sphere app launched for iPhone and iPad

Google has launched a new app for iOS users and this app is called Google Photo Sphere.  This standalone camera app works on all the latest iPhone models except for iPhone 4 and can be downloaded from the Apple app store.


Google Photo Sphere enables iOS users to use the camera of their devices to take a 360 degree panaromic picture around a central axis and that too natively.  After this app is downloaded, it will itself guide users and assist them on aligning the shots. The shots can be aligned with the help of an ever present dot on the screen. When the frame gets aligned, the camera will itself take a picture automatically and will allow the users to continue smoothly and in a seamless manner.

Google Photo Sphere is a great application for outdoor photographers and those photo enthusiasts who like to capture the hustle bustle of a busy city street.  This app also allows users to add their photos to Google Maps to allow people across the world to explore other places and make informed decisions about travel.  This is a free of cost application on the iOS app store.

Photo Sphere Camera Download for iOS app


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