Google Releases Free QuickOffice for the Apps Customers on iPad

Google has announced a free Quickoffice iPad app for all the Apps for the sake of Business customers. If you just fit the bill, you can easily grab this app from Apple App Store for free.

This app allows the users in opening and editing any Office files which you have stored in the Google Drive directly from the iPad. 

QuickOffice for the Apps Customers on iPad

Google is saying that the app is its plan’s part to convert Office files into Google documents, or performing quick edits without any conversion, simple on any kind of device. The company has also publicized it plans to introduce iPhone and Android versions for no charge as well.

Indeed Google is saying that it is having mobile editing and much document conversion upgrades scheduled for 2013.

Google has gained the QuickOffice back in the month of June. Meanwhile, QuickOffice provided native apps for Symbian, iPhone, Android and iPad. Symbian can be excluded, but it definitely makes sense for Google to support iOS and Android. The users of BlackBerry and Windows Phone can forget about that.

Two weeks back, Google has terminated providing Google Apps for no charge; still the premium version costs for $50 per each user, per year. On the last week, it was announced that it is closing up the Google Sync on the side of customer, which means that the business clients can still make use of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol for accessing the Contacts, Gmail, and Calendar.

From the day the organization is set in upgrading the Google Docs with the technology of QuickOffice, the app has been only made free for the customers of its Apps now. These apps which are free, along with the support of EAS, make the Google Apps for business much appealing to the organizations.

Google is beginning to terminate its free attractions and starting to treat its business customers as paying customers.

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