Google rolls out Quickoffice App for iPhone and Android users

Google after it has released the iPad version of Quickoffice, it has now launched the App for Android and iPhone devices.

Quickoffice, an iOS and Android supportive App enables its users to easily view, edit or create new Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This App is specifically designed for Google users and it allows users to instantly access the files that are saved in Google Drive.

Quickoffice updated App

 Users can just open or create a new office file on their device, edit it and save it back on the Drive to access from any remote location. By using this Quickoffice App, users can create edit and view word documents, Excel spread sheets, Powerpoint presentations and perform spell check to identify the spelling mistakes in any office file. This Quickoffice App is even helpful in editing and viewing the older versions of Word document, Excel or PowerPoint.

Quickoffice iOS App

 Features of Quickoffice App:

  • It can be accessed using any mobile device powered by iOS and Android mobile operating system
  • Simply sort the files on Google Drive by Starred and Recent
  • Enhanced chart rendering option in Quicksheet and Quickpoint
  • Create ZIP folder by compressing multiple files
  • Users can create and reorganize different folder and files in Drive
  • Fixed few minor bugs

Open Google Play store to download the Android version of the App and visit iTunes App store to download the App that is compatible with iPhone.

Android version:

iPhone version:

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