Google Updates Its Hangouts App for iOS with Voice Calling Feature

Google has rolled out a major update to its Hangouts app for iOS. The revamped version of the renowned messaging service lets users to place voice calls, free to Canadian and US people.


The app takes the advantage of your Google Voice number for incoming and outgoing calls. Calls apart from the aforementioned countries work too. On the messaging side, the update brings the ability to send and receive animated GIFs.

In addition, the app now automatically pauses music that’s being played currently when you get an incoming Hangouts message/call. In the earlier versions, the song was stopped, instead of pausing. Moreover, you can also view which of your buddies are online, and who’s reachable right now.

The updated version of Hangouts is downloadable via Apple App Store for free. The app works with devices powered by iOS version 6.0 or above.

Hangouts download link for iOS (free)

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