Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iPhone and iPad Users

Rockstar games that has created many Grand Theft Auto games has released an ios edition of Grand theft Auto: vice city to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Playing this game on retina display and high-resolution ipad, gives a fabulous experience for the players. The GTA has completely changed the gaming field with its open-world freedom for humor, crime and action in pleasant cities.

GTA Vice City

The latest version of GTA, vice city for mobile devices has come up with some high- resolution animated graphics, updated control and several advanced features:

Latest features added to the game include:

  • Updated graphics, characters and stunning light effects
  • Precisely modified firing and targeting options
  • Customizable layout and key controls
  • Save game support created by icloud technology
  • Supportive to all retina display devices
  • create iTunes play list while playing game

The game is available in various languages which includes English, French, Italian, German, Russia and Korean. The voice over for various characters in the game are given by Ray Liotta and Dennis Hopper.

The radio and music are highlight of this latest version of GTA and it boasts the players by offering awkward and catchy songs to ensure that players never feel repetitive. The game is compatible with all types of iPhone’s and iPad’s. It is even optimized for the iPhone5.

Several issues have been fixed from the previous GTA and thankfully the controls and navigation are brilliant.

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