Great Little War Game App Review

When you hear the name Great Little War Game, you might have thought that it is a kid’s game. But it is not. It is a fantastic 3D, turn-based war game developed by Rubicon Development. This game consists of a different comic style and lots of excitements. A very smooth game to play. Once you get into this game, you shall never leave!

Great Little War Game

Your main goal in this game is to control your army and fight against your enemies on air, land and sea. You need to prepare and arrange your soldiers to take the complete advantage of the chokepoints, defensive walls, etc.

You will have a classic turn based combat gameplay. You need to fight against your foes, and move your forces around. When you complete your job, your opponents also do the same thing with you. You are provided with a map that is split by circles, and each and every circle is a single step to which a unit can move. You have to plan your steps carefully as a unit can move only a definite number of spaces for each turn.

Great Little War Game App

When you initially start the game, you are provided only with the basic units, but as you get deeper into the game, you are allowed to use much advanced units like bazooka man and also the vehicles like jeep and tank. Missions are different on every map; you will have to form simple goals like wiping out your foes to the difficult goals like taking over their base.

Great Little War Game Review

The game supports both single and multiplayer game modes. OpenFeint achievements is also available for this game. A Skirmish practice mode is available for those who want to improve their war skills. Overall, this is a best game which features replayability, humor and challenging gameplay.

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