Greater Manchester Police Launches a new iPhone App to fight against the crime

Greater Manchester Police have today launched an location based map that allows the iPhone users to turn as virtual crime fighters and to establish a strong relationship between the local communities and police forces.

The GMPolice App taps the user’s location and help him in tracking the nearest police station and get complete contact details. Uses are even provided with information regarding the wanted suspects, criminal and missing people.


 Users can access latest crime news and appeals from with in the App and they can even navigate through the GMP social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

GMP iPhone App

 App features:

  • Users can find the police station with in their proximity along with its working hours and contact information
  • Track the nearest police team, policing priorities and get information about local police officers
  • Quick access to the main website of Greater Manchester police to view wanted appeals and missing people

Ian Hopkins, the Deputy Chief constable at GMP has stated that Greater Manchester Police department is quite proactive in using technology to get closer with people and help them at any time”.

Mark Smith, the Detective Superintendent at GMP department has added that “ we have launched this crime solving App to reduce the crime rate in Manchester and we rely completely on the details provided by the people regarding targeted criminals”.

Open the iTunes official App store to download this crime solving App.

All iPhone users can Visit to download this free App.

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