GREE Test Releases Messaging App Worldwide in the Upcoming Year 2013

Sending messages through mobile is increasing rapidly in Asia, and presently GREE which is a mobile games firm has entered into the action. The company market is preparing to introduce GREE Messenger for Android and iOS in the upcoming year 2013 after providing test versions in the markets today.

The test versions are released today, but global release will be in the coming year. There is a release of chat app in New Zealand, India and Australia, but it is only the test version. The free app includes stickers which look like cartoon. The import of contacts can be done via address book of the phone or Facebook.

messaging app

The dominating messaging apps in the Asia WeChat, Kaako Talk, Line, and Nimbuzz are seperating from the pack, whereas the western services such as Tango, Kik and WhatsApp are also growing globally. They are all providing only little space for the upcoming entrants, and those trailing the dominants will probably fall behind.

The GREE’s move approaches nearly 2 months after the Arch-rival DeNa introduced its ‘Comm’ messaging and the voice app.

The app is now available in India, Australia and also the New Zealand App Stores. It is also available on the Google Play, where it is liable to the alike geographical restrictions.

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