Groove 2 – a music player App for iPhone and iPad users

Groove 2 music player is an amazing App developed for all music lovers across the world using iPhone or iPad devices. Based on your general listening habits, App provides you a variety of music mixes.

On opening this incredible App, users will find an unique main interface that contains a album artworks which showcases all your favorite artists along with their photographs.

Groove 2 music player

There are several great features included in the App that makes it more appealing for the iPhone users. The App users can now include intuitive gesture controls, download the missing artworks and share all your information with friends on different social networking sites.

Highlights of the App:

  • Users can automatically sort their favorite music and create different music mixes.
  • Discover all your forgotten favorite tracks by navigating through the music library.
  • Users can organize their favorite music in tags such as pop, metal, indie and electronics etc.
  • Users can search the music library to track their favorite music and create mixes instantly by just few taps.
  • Share their best-loved music albums with close acquaintances and family members on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Users can directly listen songs from without connecting the device to iTunes.

Groove 2 music player App

The App is even optimized for iPhone 5 and improved support for devices that run on iOS 6. It is available in English, Chinese, French and Japanese languages.

Download this music player App for $ 3.99 at the link:

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