Hearts Free App Review

If you are very much interested to play card games and particularly Hearts, Hearts Free is a perfect game to have fun and spend your free time. It is a 4 player card game.

Hearts Free APp

The game consists of several CPU Heart players, you can get a brief description of their play strategy and star rating for their game performance. If you don’t like the default players, you can change all the 3 players based on their experience to start with your game. The main objective here is to avoid hearts and try to gain as less score as possible. Mainly try to avoid spades queen, it ruins your game getting you 13 points. Unlike all other games, the one who has a least score is the winner in this game.

Hearts Free Game

The gameplay is very easy and simple. You just need to select the cards you want to pass and tap at the center of the screen to play them. If you got stuck with your game, or want to undo your previous step, you can use hint and undo buttons respectively. You are allowed to change various game settings like disabling or enabling the Jack of diamonds, card passing options, background and so on.

Hearts Free Review

This game also consists of a section which explains the game rules and how to play the game. As this is a card game, it does not have any special graphics or soundtrack, they are normal. Install this free app and play to kill your otherwise boring time!

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