Highway Rider App Review

If you love to play bike racing games, then it’s worth playing this game. Highway Rider is a racing game developed by Battery Acid Games. Put on your helmet and drive your incredible speed bike without colliding with any other vehicle!

Highway Rider App

This game consists of a simple gameplay where you do not find any interesting storyline, and lot of settings and options. When you open the app, you find only 3 options, start the game, customize and leaderboards. To start with your game, you are provided with a bike which you have to drive on a highway where there will not be any corners or turns. You just need to drive your vehicle straight ahead. The main goal in this game is to pass other vehicles very closely without hitting any vehicle (called as close call). If you collide with anything, you come off your bike and fall down.

Highway Rider Game

Your close calls will earn you score and also provide a speed boost. The more close calls you make, the more score you gain. As you play the game, you find controlling the bike is becoming much harder. You control your bike turnings by tilting your device.

Coming to the other 2 options in the main menu, customize option allows you to change your character’s outfit or your bike’s color, whereas the leaderboard option allows you to view your position against your buddies on the Game Center. The Game Center also helps you in finding an opponent for the multiplayer mode.

Highway Rider Review

This is a very simple game. Unlike other games, it doesn’t have more number of additional settings and features. This game even doesn’t have an in-app purchase mode. If you like to play this kind of bike riding game, this game will satisfy you to the max.

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