Hill Climb Racing App Review

Hill Climb Racing is an addictive physics based car driving game developed by Fingersoft. This game consists of an attractive gameplay.

Hill Climb Racing App

This game involves a hero called Newton Bill who is an aspiring uphill racer. In his journey, he enters into a hilly area. As a player, you take the control of Bill and play the game. You have to drive along the uneven hilly area using the laws of physics. To balance your car, you will have a gas pedal at the bottom right and brake at the bottom left of your screen. You have to drive until you reach the highest hill on the moon. The main goal is to drive as much distance as you can over the undulating area. While you drive, you need to collect the coins and gas cans that come in your way. As every time you die, you will be sent to the start to restart your game.

Hill Climb Racing Game

As you progress with your game, you find that you cannot pass some areas without upgrading your car. Upgrades are mainly of 4 sections: suspension, tires, engine and 4WD. You need to collect enough coins to upgrade your vehicle.

As you play the game, you find that this is a game of skill. In some areas you can drive easily, but in some parts you need to carefully balance gas pedal and brake to control your car. To play this game successfully, you need a lot of patience. At sometimes, this game may frustrate you, but still you will find it as addictive.

Hill Climb Racing Review

The graphics are ok and the soundtrack is irritating. Though the sound effects and graphics are not that impressive, you enjoy the game.

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