IEEE Created a New Robot App for iPad

A new robot ipad App was released by the IEEE and being promoted as the ‘fun App featuring coolest robot in the world’. The initiation to create this new robot ipad App was laid by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and it has reported that this App is easy to use and users can view robot in 360 degrees.


This App even comprises of interactive animations, technical speculations and 100’s of photos, articles and videos related to robots. The greatest challenges associated with making Robots for general-purposes are developing and designing its software and hardware components.

The new robot App includes various robots such as Honda’s humanoid Asimo, Google’s self driving car and there are other android robots, drones, quadrupeds, snake robots etc. with in the App, you can even find audio interviews of various robot creators such as Rodney Brooks, Dean Kamen and other popular roboticisits.

Robot iPad App


By using this App, iPad users can even find the detailed glossary of terms used in robotics, time-line of various robots and bit information about Artificial Intelligence.

The robotic android App created by IEEE features more than 126 robots from 19 countries. At present the App is available in paid version and users interested in the downloading the App can go through the link

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