IMBD for iOS and Android Brings the Ability to Purchase Movie Tickets

The highly entertaining service, IMDB has refurbished its native iOS and Android mobile versions. The update brings the ability to buy movie tickets directly from your mobile devices. But this update is available only in the U.S.


Now the iOS and Android versions lets users to easily find movies at their nearby theatres and buy tickets for certain showtimes. This update follows other movie-based apps like Fandango, which provides the similar ability.

Now the iOS version allows you to buy TV shows on DVD and Blu-ray disc, and movies through Amazon mobile version. When you click on the ‘buy’ link, it redirects you to the Amazon Mobile app with a search for the item you are looking at. This is not much surprising as Amazon owns IMBD. But for this you should instal Amazon mobile app.

IMBD for ios and android IMBD app for ios and android

The iPhone mobile version also brings one tap access to the entire filmography and cast lists. Earlier, this has been irritating as it’s been tougher. You will also encounter a new extensive ‘watch list’ support nearly everywhere. You can just tap it to add TV shows and movies to your watch list.

The update also includes a new ‘Coming soon’ button, which will enable users to save a future movie’s release date to their personal calendar.

iOS and Android users can download the app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

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