Instagram Revamps Its iOS and Android Apps with Data Usage and Sound Controls

Instagram has just unleashed an update to its iOS and Android apps with a couple of new remarkable features.


Firstly, the Android version provides the capability to straighten your images, just like that on iOS, which received the functionality a couple of months ago. If you capture a snap that is titled or crooked, the app provides you the option to straighten it with just a tap.

Coming to the video, the update provides data usage and sound control functionality on both the platforms. The sound controls now allows you to mute videos. Just tap a small microphone icon available in the video’s top right corner to turn the sound on/off without having to switch the phone’s ringer.

While the data usage controls lets you to decide whether to download videos automatically with mobile network or not to download automatically with mobile data, or to download only when your device is connected to WiFi network. This helps you save your data usage.

In addition, the Android version brings the ability to add ‘cinema stabilization’ to your videos, which is already available on iOS.

The complete changelog is not available, even though the update is live on both the platforms.

Instagram download link for iOS (free)

Instagram download link for Android (free)

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