Read Later App Instapaper Gets Redesigned; adds more features

Read Later app called Instapaper, has got a whole new look, some added features and an attractive new design!  This was a paid app on the iOS app store earlier but the good news is that it has now gone for free.


Instapaper gives users unlimited access to several features for a fee. For example, by paying a certain yearly fee, you can avail the option of unlimited highlights, text to speech playlists and full text search.  Instapaper 6 has got a new version for the latest iOS 8 and this means that users will be allowed to save articles directly from Safari.  Another feature which the new version supports is the notification center widget that shows all the articles which the user has saved today.

Instapaper also gives the option of text to speech in its latest variant which is a feature that allows users to listen to articles saved in the app if they don’t have time to read them.  Even the Browse section has been improved where users can find algorithms, new articles and write ups from editors easily.  Users will also be allowed to view their friends’ profiles from the articles that they have liked in the Browse section.

Instapaper Download app for iOS (free)

Instapaper Download app for Android (free)

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