Interaction of Color, a Classic Art Education Book has Turned into an iPad App

Yale University has released an app called Interaction of Color exclusively for iPad users. This app has been developed based on the classic art book of Joseph Albert’s Interaction of Color. It provides a great way to understand major elements of color and design.

Interaction of Color Interaction of Color app

The app has been mainly designed to engage and benefit artists, design practitioners, art teachers, and anyone else who really want to learn and understand more about how to think inventively about colors and its uses.

This app brings interactive studies, videos and palette toll. It includes more than 125 standard color studies, like moving pieces and flaps that makes the so captivating to users. You will even have more than 60 interactive plates and studies that lets users to experiment with color and discover your own answers to Albert’s problems.

Interaction of Color for ipad Interaction of Color app for ipad

App features:

  • Complete text and plate commentary, illustrating the Joseph Albert’s principles on how to view and understand color.
  • More than 125 original color studies, including moving pieces and flaps.
  • More than 60 interactive plates.
  • New palette tool, where the colors are handled like paper.
  • Create, save and transfer your final palettes and designs into any of the vector-based design software.
  • Video commentary of more than 2 hours, including Alberts videos, interviews with professionals explaining about major principles.
  • Interviews with top artists and designers illustrating the usage of color in their practices.

Interaction of Color is available in the Apple App Store. This app is available for free and requires 5.0 or above.

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