Dream of Pixels – a new puzzle game for iPad and iPhone users

Dream of pixels, an amazing puzzle game that has come up with a unique design and innovative gameplay. The game play of Dream of pixels is quite similar to popular puzzle game, Tetris.

The only difference between Tetris and Dream of pixels is that in Tetris, players have to join the pieces to make lines and in Dream of pixels game, players have to break the blocks and drag down to fit the block at desired position on the screen.

Dreamofpixels App

The game starts in a classic mode by providing instructions to practice the game for few rounds. Then players are given blocks of different shapes. Some times you may even find straggler blocks that are separated from main blocks, players have to reconnect them before they disappear from the board.

Dreamofpixels iOS App

The game is available in 5 different modes and players on gaining enough points can unlock four game modes which are bit difficult and requires high level skills.

 Game features:

  • Players can enjoy the ever changing graphical visuals
  • Experience amazing game play with 5 different modes that includes Classic, puzzle, Pro, Nightmare, Shattered Dream
  • Players can relax while playing game in Zen puzzle mode and think about the unlocking other complex levels
  • Challenge other players on the gaming App through new Game Center
  • Share screen-shots of the game on Facebook and Twitter

Download link of amazing puzzle game:https://itunes.apple.com/app/id543509184

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