Top 10 Cloud Storage Apps for All the iPhone and iPad Users

The best cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad that helps in accessing files from anywhere, can take back up, share and even collaborate. There is wide range of options while selecting cloud storage apps so pick the best one that suits your needs.

Top Cloud Storage Apps for All the iPhone and iPad Users

Google Drive

Google Drive, it was developed by Google, Inc. The free cloud storage offered by Google Drive is 5 GB. It has strong integration with many other Google services.

If you use Google Docs on your PC then it is a mandatory app as it permits you to view the work and make some modifications from your iPhone. Additionally, you can store several images and files alongside them.

Google Drive App

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Zip Cloud

Zip Cloud, it is considered as the best cloud storage provider. This app is on the top in the cloud storage app list for iPhone as it provides unlimited storage space. You can get trial version for about 14 days.

Zip Cloud App

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Verizon Cloud

Verizon launches latest Dropbox-like app for all the iOS devices that permits users to copy and access files in cloud. Users can take back-up for music, videos, photos, text messages and documents. Your content must be maintained safe and securely just by having own cloud storage.

Verizon Cloud App

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Ubuntu One Files

Ubuntu One Files, It provides free storage up to 5GB to store photos, documents and songs. Pictures can be auto-uploaded from other photo apps such as Instagram. Also, the app saves files to Ubuntu One personal cloud automatically.

Ubuntu One Files App

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SugarSync, it is an easy way to search, access and share documents, files, photos, songs and movies. Users can send public links through Facebook, Email, SMS or Twitter to big folders and files.

It is a must have application and preferred by wide range of users. You can get free cloud storage up to 5 GB with SugarSync.

SugarSync App

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SkyDrive, this app permits entire data to get synced with all the devices. Users can share files, upload photos, add videos, manage files or can check out recently used documents on their mobile.

It is an excellent app and can be compatible with MS Office. With SkyDrive, users can get up to 7 GB of free cloud storage.

SkyDrive App

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Cubby, it helps users to store vital documents, videos and photos. Users can generate and manage cubby folders. It is considered as the best cloud storage app as complete data can be effectively synchronized with all your devices.

All the vital documents can be easily accessed by the users wherever they go and can share them with friends. 5 GB of cloud storage space is provided for all the users at

Cubby App

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Copy, it is the best cloud storage app developed by Barracuda Networks. It has some vital features such as downloading, uploading and sharing. The best thing about this app is it provides some free storage up to 15 GB per referral to both.

It is an awesome app as there is no referral till now.

Copy App

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Box, this app handles file sharing perfectly by permitting users to log in and select files on your system same as you attach files to email. It is a simple platform and usage is very easy and it is the best choice if you do not download other software piece that syncs your files automatically.

Box App

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Dropbox, it is considered as the daddy of all cloud tools as it assists millions of users to store files in the cloud securely. The main reason for the Dropbox success is its accessibility – usage is incredibly easy and available on different platforms.

The app makes it ideal if you want to share the files frequently. Like most of other providers, users will be offered some 5 GB of free cloud space with Dropbox.

Dropbox App

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